Assets Checks & Backgrounds

Asset Checks:

Assets, items of ownership convertible into cash; total resources of a person or business, as cash, accounts receivable, fixtures, real estate, etc. At Detect Inc., in-depth searches are conducted in attempts to uncover a person's assets, as well as to develop an individual's financial status. We will search for an individual's employment, income, vehicles, real estate, litigious activity which may include bank account information, business affiliations, and other potential attachable assets.

The Random House Dictionary, revised edition 1982

Background Investigations:

Background investigations are conducted to develop an individual's character, employment history, financial status, and any litigious activity including any civil or criminal history. In certain States (where allowable by law) a driving history on the individual will be developed. We will also uncover any prior addresses associated with an individual, as their background in other areas of the United States will be brought to the surface and may reveal other hidden information.

Each background investigation will be designed to meet the specifics of your request. Whether a background is needed to develop witness character, prior litigious activity, financial status, or for any other reason, you can be assured that Detect Inc. will conduct a thorough and detailed investigation.