Social Media Investigations

Cyber Investigations, "Scoop" Reports

In the fight against fraud, a new look has to be taken on how you investigate a claim. The world wide web can be the perfect tool in this battle. From a person's activities, employment, photos, blogs, interests, new addresses, there is a wealth of information out there. At Detect Inc., we provide various levels of internet research. We also provide training for insurance claims offices on how to conduct some of your own research and how to search for persons on the web. We also provide information on how to remove your own personal information along with your families information from the web.

Limited Scoop: We will conduct surface research into a persons web presence. Data base records and cross reference records will be searched for e-mail addresses, social networks, blogs, current and old address records, criminal and civil records, current and previous address records, corporate records, photographs, etc. This service is included and free with every surveillance ordered!

Deep web Scoop: All of the above services in the Limited report. With additional deep web/invisible web searches. Over 60% of the information on the web is hidden, and we make every effort to reveal this information hidden deep within the web.

Mega Scoop: All of the above services, but includes meta searches. Over 500 social networks, blogs, web sites, domain names, bookmarking websites. We will also deepen the search to include specific topic web searches such as medical, legal, educational, real estate and other searches. We will dig into deep blog searches, research and develop any domain names, IP addresses and attempt to develop all locations. If needed, we will provide multi state research for possible public records.

Most searches include:, aNobii, Audioboo, authorsstream, Aviary, Badoo, Bambuser, Bebo,,, BizNik, blekko, BlinkList,,, blippr, blippy, Blogger, blogmarks, blogtv, brightkits, Brizzly, Buzznet, cafemom, Cardomain, Chimp, claimid, Colourlovers,, Copytaste, Current, DailyBooth, DailyMotion, delicious, Deviant ART, Digg, diigo, Disqus, Dopplr, Dribble, Dropjack, ebay., Ecademy, Ehow,, epinions, esnips, Etsy, Facebook,, Fanpop, Faves, FFFFound!,, Flickr, Flixster, Foodspotting, Forrst, Fotolog, foursquare, Friendfeed, funnyordie, fwisp, Gather, Gdgt, GetGlue, Github, Gogobot, Goodreads, gowalla, Hexday, Hi5, Howcast, hulu, ibibo, identica, iLike, ilietotallylovit, imageshack, InsaneJournal, Instructables, Jaiku, Jamendo,, Kaboodle, Kangregate,, Linkedin, Listorious, LiveJournal, Livevideo, Mahalo, Multipy, My name is, Mylot, MySpace, Netlog, netvibes, newsvine, photobucket, Picasa, Puctiretrail, Plancast, plaxo, Plime, Plurk, politics4all, Postereous, Qik, Quora, Rateyourmusic, Rebja, reddit, Redux, Resumebucket, Revvr, Ryze, Seesmic,, Shelfari, Skribit, Skyrock, Slashdot, slide, slideshare, slidesix, Snooth, SocailShake, SoundCloud,, Sphin, Sqidoo, Steam, Stumbledupon, Technorati, ThisNext, tumblr, Twitpic, twitter, UStream,, Viddler, Vimeo, vdpod, Wakoopa, Wefollow, wikipedia, Wishlist, Wordpress, WUAH, Xanga, Xfire, yfrog, Yotify, youtube, zealog, and zooomr.