Surveillance Investigations

Surveillance is conducted to observe and to document an individual's activities by undercover methods. At Detect Inc., we only use specially equipped surveillance vehicles while conducting our investigations.

These vehicles allow our investigators to observe an individual without being detected, and to obtain the needed information. We also utilize state-of-the-art video equipment to document the individual's activities. with the use of high-power optics and telephoto lenses, we have the capabilities of obtaining video from great distances without being detected. We also use Infra-Red scopes which attach to our video equipment allowing for clear night surveillance video.

Available for special investigations are Pin Hole video cameras, which allows us to conduct close range indoor surveillance, i.e. at shopping malls, restaurants, etc. Each surveillance assignment is given personal attention. We assess the requirements of each assignment and then design the surveillance to fit the situation. After conducting the investigation, we will contact you with a detailed description of our findings.

At the completion of the investigation, a detailed, chronological, accurate report will be compiled and forwarded to you. If video footage is taken, copies of the video will also be provided. Surveillance investigations are usually conducted based on an approximate eight hour day. We also allow for hourly surveillance, which at times is necessary to accommodate the specifics of the assignment. With today's technology, information travels very quickly, and may require immediate attention.

At Detect Inc., we gladly welcome rush assignments, and will handle them at no extra charge. As part of our service, and as an added benefit to you, Detect Inc. provides you with post surveillance drive-by checks. When our investigators are in the area where a recent previous surveillance was conducted, we will conduct a drive-by of the area to observe any activity on the individual's behalf. If activity is noted that may be of interest to you, we will contact you immediately to determine if further surveillance is required. We look forward to conducting your surveillance investigations, and as always, here's looking at you!